Inadequate V Outstanding: Same indicators opposite ends of the spectrum

Andrea Sutcliffe, CEO of the CQC was the key note speaker at the Wiltshire Care Partnership and Wiltshire and Swindon Care Skills Partnership Joint Conference. She was clear that people were at the heart of good quality care: care users and staff and community. She contrasted Outstanding and Inadequate services and found the key indicator is the quality of leadership and the resultant culture with  Outstanding and Inadequate providers at opposite ends of the spectrum:

Management: Inadequate providers saw inconsistent management, change, churn, not focused on improvement, not learning from mistakes, not aware of or prepared to develop best practice. Outstanding providers were characterised by consistent management, a focus on improvement and best practice, open to suggestions.

Staff: Inadequate providers did not support their staff; outstanding providers made it a priority that their staff were happy in their work and supported to do a good job. 

Connections with the community: Inadequate providers were not open to their local community and made no attempts to develop links. Outstanding providers were vibrantly part of their community and used innovative methods to establish connections.

Justine Button, a local chief inspector from CQC reiterated the importance of leadership and emphasised these points and how important it is to have valid feedback from stakeholders and the importance of an 'independent critical friend'.

Stakeholder surveys can be a critical management tool to establish what staff, other professional colleagues and relatives feel about your service. Care2Improve gives you an independent view of these important perceptions.