More CQC evidence of themes behind assessments

At a recent care conference hosted by Care & Support West, association for care providers in the South West, Deputy Chief CQC Inspector Debbie Ivanova referenced the "State of Care" report 2015 .  Debbie pointed out that 40% services were classed as less than Good, with 7% inadequate. 

Interestingly, smaller organisations are seeing better results than large care providers. (small = <= 10, medium = 11-49, large >= 50 beds). Debbie Ivanova also referenced the themes emerging,  with safety and leadership proving critical factors determining the rating whilst performance against caring and responsiveness remained generally higher. 

When it comes to assessments, having evidence of good practice is essential. One third of providers had been assessed but a clear pattern was emerging .

Themes from "Inadequate" assessments

  • Management churn and change
  • No / Poor registered manager
  • Poor relationship between the manager and the owner / provider
  • Lack of staff supervision and staff development
  • Poor care planning / lack of personalised care
  • Poor oversight of care planning
  • Ineffective systems and poor risk management
  • Closed culture
  • Poor partnership working and community links
  • Unaware of best practice
  • Non notification of issues to CQC

Themes from "Outstanding" assessments

  • All stakeholders speak highly of the service
  • Effective registered manager
  • Leadership comes from the owner and the manager in a clear way
  • There is effective monitoring / Quality Assurance and Audit processes.
  • There is good staff development and recognition
  • Good oversight of care and staff communication
  • Active promotion of safe care
  • Continuous development and incorporation of best practice
  • Can Do Will Do attitude
  • Open culture
  • Links with local community.