QSBD: What to do if you are faced with a Special Measures order

QSBD Solicitors A practical perspective on CQC Inspections and Enforcements was introduced by Mei-Ling Huang. Highlighting the business impact of a poor inspection, Mei-Ling suggested that providers should

Prepare thoroughly:

  • PIR is essential. prepare well and keep a copy.
  • Prepare an information pack with all your evidence against the assessment criteria
  • prepare your staff so that they answer with confidence about the standards and their role
  • Try "Mock Inspections" to remove the fear factor. (Care & Support West have an Independent Service Review Template that can help with this)

Seek legal help if:

  • a draft report is not accurate
  • you are on the 'cusp' of a rating
  • you have any 'inadequate' ratings
  • you receive a warning notice, notice of proposal to cancel registration, or notice about special measures.

Manage any judgements / enforcement notices proactively

  • seek help
  • assess the judgement against reality: look for uncorroborated hearsay and ensure that the assessor has evidence to support conclusions
  • gather evidence to refute judgement
  • prepare an action plan for improvement
  • manage your approach to CQC staff: DON'T get angry and defensive