Care Sector : Cost Pressures Report

At the beginning of December 2014 Care and Support West submitted our 2015/16 Cost Pressures report to each of the four ex Avon Local Authorities as representation on behalf of providers in relation to the 2015/16 annual uplift discussions. This time we not only submitted the report to the Local Authority commissioners but also to commissioners from the CCG and the Elected Members who hold the Health and Social Care portfolio.

It is a detailed report which seeks to evidence the significant Cost Pressures faced by providers historically and the extent to which these have been effectively met as well as a number of current and incoming cost pressures faced by providers going forward.

The report and the accompanying appendices can be found at

Care and Support West – 2015 – 16 Cost Pressures representation report version 4.

We would strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the report if you haven’t done so already as it is designed to put readers firmly in the picture regarding the predicament faced by providers. If you have any comments or further suggestions for inclusion then please email these to Mik Alban at

News Item via Care & Support West

News Item via Care & Support West

Care and Support West are about to start the process of developing a number of similarly detailed reports looking at wider commissioning, market shaping and service delivery issues facing older people’s residential services, services for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems and domiciliary care provision. If you would like to contribute your thoughts to these reports then again please contact Mik Alban.