CINTRE Pilot Care2Improve for Care & Support West Offer

CINTRE is a regulated service for adults with difficulties. Their clients have complex needs, are demanding, not always easy to reach and often hard to place.

They have 2 residential units and an outreach unit. Their mission is to ‘Enable Independence’, enabling clients to have fuller lives.

When the partnership between Care & Support West and Care2Improve was first suggested, John Bennett, CEO at  CINTRE was keen to take on a pilot project.

“Cintre is responding to the sector call for further evidence in its work and recognised the need to provide further feedback from a variety of sources. Key to deciding what product to use was the ability to review services in a variety of locations and to have the flexibility and ease of use of a system to achieve this.
An on-line solution was sought and we have been encouraged by the model Care2Improve offer through Care & Support West. The model is straightforward and easy to use. The greatest challenge has been for us in bringing together the data we have to be able to issue the surveys, which we anticipated.
The survey will collate feedback from service users, staff, other professionals and the families and representatives of our service users. A good cross section of views and one we earnestly seek to drive our services forward.
Care2Improve have been incredibly patient and supportive throughout the mobilisation and we are now looking forward to our first set of results.”

Care2Improve worked with CINTRE to achieve the best balance of survey methods to meet the diverse needs of the stakeholders using a mix of postal, electronic and face to face solutions.