CQC Guidelines for Assessment

Notes from the BCC Main Provider Forum: CQC representative highlights the following:

  1. Her first and major point was to remind us that the “Mum” test will form the basis for inspections (Is the service safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led) and that your service needs to demonstrate all five areas in its DELIVERY and that ALL staff need to have knowledge of all five areas and be able to comment on how their practice demonstrates these i.e. RM to cook/cleaner.
  2. The question of camera surveillance in care settings (Dom as well as Res) is one CQC is carefully considering and that they will formally state their position on this in the near future but in the meantime there is guidance on their web site for providers to look at.
  3. Another aspect of the Care Act they are mulling over is the “market oversight” aspect. This means that they may/will be asking detailed info of providers in relation to their financial viability (cash flow and books etc as well as accounts) —- guidance on this is in development but they will be coming out with something on this shortly.
  4.  The other new focus from the Care Act is the requirement for “Fit and Proper Person” and “Duty of Candour” responsibilities for providers —– see more info via the link below for details.


It is important to note that both duty of candour and fit and proper person responsibilities apply to Directors and Trustees as well as staff in the provider service. This means that Directors and Trustees will be “held to account” when things go wrong in a service. It is advised that this matter be added to a providers Articles of Association or similar document so that all concerned understand their responsibilities.