Maximising the Value of Client Feedback

Do you truly know the real time and money cost of your current survey process? Assess your current effort levels and whether you maximise the value of the work you do.

How did you do?

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0 – 5. To meet the new CQC demands , you definitely need to do a better job of managing your feedback, Care2improve could revolutionise your feedback process, helping you to save time, money, get better results and help you manage.

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Question Answers Score
1. Do you always do your surveys regularly and at the time agreed? Always Mostly No Always = 2 Mostly = 1 No = 0
2. Do your surveys include feedback from staff, relatives and other professionals? Yes No Yes=2 No=0
3. How much time do you spend in design, layout and printing surveys? >2hrs 3-4hrs <4hrs >2hrs=22 3-4hrs=13 <4hrs=0
4. How much time do you spend inputting responses to a spread sheet? <3hrs >4hrs3 <4hrs <3hrs=2 3-4hrs=1 <4hrs=0
5. How quickly do you deal with responses? Always promptly Usually fairly promptly Delay them because of urgent things >2hrs=22 3-4hrs=13 <4hrs=0
6. What do you do with the responses? Scan them and put them in the drawer Read them and note key responses Analyse the data objectively 1=12 2=6 3=0
7. Can you easily derive clear, quantitative analysis in line with the 5 CCQC domains? Yes No Yes=2 No=0
8. How much time do you spend interpreting feedback and preparing reports? 1-2 hrs 3-4hrs A day A weekend 1-2 hrs=0 3-4hrs=4 A day=13 A weekend=22