Reminiscing on rural lives when chickens visit care homes

Juley Howard has a smallholding in Yatton and also works on a Community Farm in Bristol. It occurred to her last year that although there is good access to the city farms in Bristol but not so much in the countryside.  So just before chicks are due to hatch (every 4-6 weeks or so) she writes to a few local nursing homes to advertise a possible visit.

Juley says:

I have actually come to really enjoy visiting residential and nursing homes with the chicks and generally visit two or three each hatch.  Lots of people round here  lived a more rural life when they were younger and even people who have moved here from London have told me that they or their families kept chickens at home.  Winash was a particularly enjoyable visit – I wish I had had time to ask one of the residents more about her time on a smallholding in the 1930s.

I also bring my spinning wheel – I have a small flock of sheep and it was my love of knitting and spinning that motivated me to buy the field, start keeping chickens and hatch my own chicks in the first place.  I just have an ordinary Ashford spinning wheel and demonstrate a bit of carding to prepare the fleece, then some hand spinning.

At home I have a small flock of sheep and for the last few years have been hatching chicks and raising them to sell as point of lay pullets. I keep Welsummer, Crested Cream Legbar and a variety of hybrid chickens – the sheep are a Shetland cross.

If you are interested in having Juley visit your home, here are her contact details: ; 07500147774;  3, Barberry Farm Road, Yatton, BS49 4QY