Turbo Charge Performance Improvement with Care2Improve

Care2Improve delivers unique analysis of feedback from clients, staff, relatives and other professionals – BUT what now?

Here at Care2Improve, we get great feedback from our clients on the quality of our survey reports.  But they also tell us about the difficulties they have.  Chief among these is the follow-up.  They ask us questions such as :

  •  How do we prioritise the importance of the messages the survey is telling us?
  • How do we draw up and follow through on an action plan that will bring real improvements to the service we provide?
  • How do we make clear what we expect our managers to actually do in bringing about change?
  • What evidence can we show that we have improved our service in a practical sense?

Searching questions, we think you’ll agree.  Especially from those whose area of expertise lies more in providing high-quality services to vulnerable people, not so much in analysing surveys or leading and managing teams of people.  In response, we offer here a checklist of good practice :

  1.  Write a summary of the good things and the things you need to work on, and circulate it to service users, families and your own people
  2. Include the report on the agendas of your management review meetings and team meetings
  3. Ask your people for ideas on the practical steps you can take to tackle the things to work on, and allocate a priority to each of them – for example :
  • will make a big difference, easy to do
  • will make a big difference, more difficult to do
  • will make less difference but still worth it, easy to do

– leave out any that fall into any other category

  1. Choose two or three key numbers to improve and set reasonable but stretching targets
  2. List the agreed action steps in a simple plan template showing timings and who is responsible
  3. Include the targets and responsibilities in your performance reviews for these people
  4. Get the people responsible to update you on progress at each subsequent meeting
  5. Issue a summary, again to service users, families and your own people, of what has been done and how you expect the next survey results to improve

It looks deceptively simple, and most of our clients have already tried to do most of these.  But they find it a challenge to bring it all together in a virtuous, continuous, cycle of improvement, and to engage their people fully in the process.  They need expert help in making this happen.  That’s why we are pleased to offer a Best Practice Follow-up Package, which comprises :

  • Specialist guidance on interpreting the analysis at your management meeting
  • Facilitation of your team meeting to share and capture improvement ideas
  • Supply of templates and other materials, tailored to your business, to support your action planning, implementation and review
  • Follow-up meetings to provide further advice and to ensure you are staying on the right track

This service requires an expert familiar with social care and, more importantly, with a record of advising teams of people on achieving real improvements in business performance.  We are pleased to have great working relationships with associates who fit this profile.  Our reputation is too important to us to recommend just anybody, so these associates are people we trust to deliver what our clients need.

To find out more and to arrange a FREE initial consultation, please contact Barbara 0117 3790300 or barbara.harris@care2improve.co.uk