Can we trust care feedback sites?

Trip Advisor for care services.  What could be more useful?

Good Burrito, bad burrito, free burrito

Good Burrito, bad burrito, free burrito

I bought a burrito at a Mexican takeaway in Bristol yesterday.  At the checkout I was given a card asking me to give them a good rating on various social media and feedback sites. All laid out for me where to post my feedback, what to say and do on each site, all in return for a free meal on my next visit.

Can you trust my opinion on Facebook when the deal is that I rate my burrito I had yesterday in return for a free meal?  I don’t think so.  Once the marketing people get involved the idea of independent assessment goes out of the window.

What if I spend a night in a hotel and leave a poor review?  Can the hotel to respond to my review in an attempt to justify things, or point out the unusual circumstances, or make clear the stupidity of my comments?  Am I a reasonable customer or one of those impossible to please people?

Of course a care provider will seldom think that criticism from CQC is deserved, but unrealistic providers will complain about every comment or black cross awarded by CQC.

Feedback sites and reviews/reports are worthless as comparison tools if they are not consistent and standardised. e.g. no good having a crackdown on equality one week and the effectiveness of medication systems the next.

If you want the truth it has to be independent.