Recruitment Time Bomb

Is there a recruitment time bomb? A recent article in the Recruiter on the care sector suggests there is!

Certainly, staffing, training and retention issues dominate the Care agenda and recruitment can be a major headache for care providers, Earlier this year a study by the International Longevity Centre and Anchor, a major care sector employer, warned that as the UK’s population ages, England alone could face a shortfall of 718,000 care workers by 2025. and a recent survey showed that 1 in 5 care homes were too understaffed to provide good care.

What can you do to bomb proof your business? Understanding the problem is a good starting point, helping you to pinpoint issues and craft responses.

Pay: The squeeze on pay comes from every directions; the move to contract auctions, council funding (and differences between councils mean that this really is a post code lottery), care bill changes; there just isn’t a lot of room to manoeuvre here. So, being a great employer is very important; understanding and listening to your staff becomes key. Using  feedback mechanism like Care2Improve helps to track what people really feel. Independent and anonymous, you will get the truth; not just the moans of the vocal, or just the reassurance that you get from the people who agree with you!

Culture: Salaries are not unimportant, but the people who care enough to be great quality employees in the care sector are likely to value hugely the right culture, the right leadership, great support. Care2improve now offers an optional Best Practice Follow Up Package where you get personal support from an Lance Cross, an expert in developing culture and organisation, developing management practice and teams. He uses the structured feedback produced by care2Improve and helps you to interpret it, diagnose and prioritise issues. He can then help you to implement solutions, getting buy-in and support from everyone, promoting the  ‘distributed leadership approach. Read this article on work that Lance did with a care organisation based in the South West.

Sector Profile: It’s hard to get away from the deluge of negative messages about the Care Sector, which is sad because from the majority of feedback we see for clients, most people really value and appreciate the care they receive. Using a feedback mechanism like Care2Improve can give you fantastic messages that you can use in positive PR. Have a look at the Poppy’s Survey Results 2014-Final-HighRes taken out by Poppy’s Homecare Services in North Somerset.

Job Profile: Quality of staff and their skills is paramount. There is an image that it is a low pay, low skill job, or womens’ work. It is up to the provider to make it interesting, with a sense of responsibility and value, providing the right training and skill development. Using a tool like Care2Improve shows staff that you take them ans their views seriously; it gives you a great platform to engage with staff; it helps you to recruit and to retain, and can support training needs analysis.