Is Social Media a Fair Way to Monitor Performance?

Apparently, social media will provide 'anecdotal evidence' of poor performance that could trigger assessment activity according to a BBC news item reporting that the CQC intend to monitor social media

Social media has a place in the world but surely it is not the place to garner substantive, factual feedback on which to manage business performance? A business can use it as part of a feedback mechanism for their business where they can have a degree of control over access and can moderate posts. But there are too  many examples of bogus postings, and malicious postings, where people can hide behind anonymity. 

The Local Government Ombudsman's recent annual review of care makes the point that providers should be using good feedback measures, should be encouraging feedback, complaints and all as mechanisms for learning. Surely CQC should be supporting this approach and not encouraging complaints via social media? 

Your thoughts?