Is Integration a Costly Distraction?

Ashleigh McDougal (AM) of the National Audit Office said today that the Better Care Fund which aimed to deliver £0.5billion in savings had not delivered better outcomes, had not reduced hospital admissions nor reduced problems releasing patients back to the community, had not saved money. 

Is it then another doomed experiment? AM says No. That the 'direction of travel' is the right one but that integration takes time , that it is better to share information and work in an integrated way, but that this alone is not going to deliver the financial benefits anticipated, that expectations must be managed down, that other mechanisms need to be brought into play to resolve the immediate problems.

Niall Dickson CE of NHS Confederation confirmed this. Evidence from pilots are showing great improvements but that a lot is left to do. He cited the need to improve funding, to build up community services. He said that organisations needed to work differently and collaboratively to accept that patients move across services. These services therefore needed to think differently,  to avoid fragmentation. "We need a 21st century system to cope with the huge increases in demand..... There is a huge leadership issue.... " 

Skills For Care tell us that leadership is everyone's business, that it is individual operations working better at the margin, working better with colleagues and other agencies that deliver improvements. Care2Improve surveys tackle this; they ask the questions: How well do you work between agencies? How well is the service managed? Can you contribute and make improvements? Are there regular meetings? Are you motivated by your manager? 

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