Congratulations to Poppy's Home Care Ltd. First 'Outstanding' Home Care provider in North Somerset

Huge congratulations to Alistair Milton and his staff at Poppy's Home Care Ltd for their recent 'Outstanding' CQC assessment. This is a remarkable achievement, the first in North Somerset, and Poppy's is now one of a very select group of home care providers to have been assessed as overall Outstanding!

Here at Care2Improve, we aren't surprised; as one of our very first clients; Alistair Milton's commitment to his clients and his staff, and his drive to constantly improve performance and maintain quality has always been very evident. His approach to our service has always been that it is part of his quality strategy, using it to provide essential performance feedback and also to support marketing and PR activity. 

The CQC report remarks on how well Poppy's involve staff and clients and how their feedback is acted upon.

'' People benefited from a provider who involved them in the running of the service and used their feedback to drive improvements. The provider was continually striving to improve whilst putting people at the heart of the service''

We were delighted to see that the report actually quotes the results of the Care2Improve independent surveys as evidence of quality:

''The independent survey questionnaire that was sent out in June 2016 contained a section with eight questions about treating people with dignity, respect and involving them in their care. We saw that 41 people and 5 relatives completed the survey. The overall satisfaction rate across all questions was 98%. When asked whether the carers were caring and compassionate there was 100% satisfaction. Again, when asked whether people were treated fairly regardless of age, race, and gender there was 100% satisfaction.''

We would also like to say Thank you to Alistair because he has supported Care2Improve over the years and has helped us to hone and develop our questionnaires, a testament to his commitment to quality and support.

Thanks too, to the team for their ongoing support for my own mother; they certainly pass the "Mum" test!

Congratulations again to Alistair and his team.