"Cintre is responding to the sector call for further evidence in its work and recognised the need to provide further feedback from a variety of sources. Key to deciding what product to use was the ability to review services in a variety of locations and to have the flexibility and ease of use of a system to achieve this.
An on-line solution was sought and we have been encouraged by the model Care2Improve offer through Care & Support West. The model is straightforward and easy to use.
Care2Improve have been incredibly patient and supportive throughout the mobilisation and we are now looking forward to our first set of results."
John Bennett, CEO, CINTRE
"Working as provider in the care industry is particularly difficult. Meeting outcomes with CQC can also be very difficult and wanting to ensure that I am providing a good service, it can be difficult to assess myself without being biased. Therefore I was on the search for a company who would constructively be able to assess the quality of my entire service, not only from a resident point of view but also holistically. I was delighted to find Care2Improve. Barbara has been amazing with liaison and the service has been specifically tailored to my needs therefore making it very bespoke to the type of care I provide..
 Thank you so much and cannot wait to use again next year !!!!!! You’re truly FAB..."
Arvey Takhar, manager of
'Parkview' and 'Silverbirch' residential homes, Edgebaston, West Midlands, catering for adults with learning difficulties
"Care2Improve is a highly refined approach to gathering evidence to show what service users, staff and relatives really think about a service, providing invaluable feedback so that decisions can be made about how to improve things."
Paul Kaye, MD at QuiqCare
"At Bristol Charities we were keen to measure satisfaction levels at our day centres. The Care2Improve solution was ideal because they took all the hard work off our hands and were flexible to meet our needs. Creating a survey suite for day centres, they handled all of the survey printing, postage, delivery and data input, carried out a face to face programme with our clients and worked hard with us to maximise the value of the project. We've already been able to implement changes based on the analysis, and will repeat the process next year to see our improvements."
Anne Anketell, CEO Bristol Charities
“Archcare Services found the Care2Improve quality survey to be a very valuable exercise. It took little effort to do and the results were clear and presented to us in an easy-to-understand way. I would recommend the Care2Improve service to any care organisation, as a way to see how well you are doing in delivering care quality.”

Wendy Finnegan, manager at Archcare Services

“Poppy’s are an enthusiastic user of the Care2Improve quality audit.  We try to work to the highest standards but getting an objective external view is a valuable extra. Care2Improve is a great way for us to see how we are doing across all areas.  In particular we found the information dashboard easy to use. It tells us a lot but in a clear way."
Alistair Milton, owner of Poppy's Home Care
"I was really impressed with Care2Improve. I think this is a much needed service in the Care Sector. Independent assessment, with anonymity for respondents has to be the way forward"
Karen Jacob, nurse/nurse lecturer and website owner at Questions About Care