Care2Improve reports are delivered via a secure on-line Dashboard.  You log-in on the Members Area of the Care2Improve website to see the latest up to date information for each care unit:

1. The Summary Page

This is a clear summary of your overall results showing:

  • Satisfaction index dials for your care user, relatives, staff and other professionals 


  • Your Top Ten answers: your strengths.
  • Your Bottom Ten answers: your weaknesses.


  • How many people responded in each stakeholder group
  • The number of surveys sent to indicate your response rates




  • A Pie chart showing overall picture of the responses by that group,
  • Pie charts showing responses for each CQC assessment domain,
  • A Bar chart showing responses by question
  • 'Radar chart' showing CQC assessment domain performance
  • A 'Skipped Question' bar chart showing you questions people did not answer
  • Each section gives actual counts to support the charts
  • The on-line report is dynamic so 'mouse-overs' give additional information. You can also produce a PDF


  • Additional analysis is available to check for 'rogue' respondents
  • Additional analysis is available to combine 
Stakeholder Group Overall Responses Pie Chart

Stakeholder Group Overall Responses Pie Chart

Stakeholder Group Overall Responses Pie Chart

Stakeholder Group Overall Responses Pie Chart



The questions are separated into sections relating to the key CQC assessment domains. 
At the end of each section, the respondent is asked for comments and suggestions about
that area of activity.
These are listed in the following order:  Assessment Domain / Stakeholder Group / Comment

Stakeholder Comment
Service user The care provided is first class. All carers are friendly, efficient and provide an excellent service
Staff Possibly those who are new to care may need more monitoring but the team leaders and management are very supportive in all aspects of training.
Other Proffessional During training sessions I am usually impressed with staff's desire for knowledge and to improve care
Relative I think all the staff employed are the right people for the job. If ever there is any problem with conflict of personality it is sorted though this has rarely happened!